# Friday, 18 August 2006

.NET 3.0 is Web 3.0?

Ron DeSerranno writes about a new type of webapplication that he has seen that was build using .NET 3.0. He describes a bookstore that is presented to the user in a 3D environment and where the user feels like he or she is in the store.

The part of .NET 3.0 that makes this possible is largely XAML. A new markup language which in it's basic form is simple enough that it may replace HTML and is at the same time extensive enough that it can take on Flash.

Personally I feel that AJAX is a step back in time. And tooling like ATLAS is really just IDE enhancing technology to generate code that has at it's very core still the JavaScript engine which has seen no improvements in the longest time. So while AJAX aims to use the technology available to the full 100% it is based (and limited) on technology from years back.

XAML offers technology which is not looking back, but instead offers a new platform language, using the .NET Framework as it's platform, which aims to use today's hardware to the max. Much more interactive and 3D content is at our fingertips.

Writing this entry I just thought of a great feature for Word 2007. What if you could save a Word document as XAML instead of HTML. I just checked this isn't possible right now, but I think I'll submit a feedback report to Microsoft on that.

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