# Sunday, 12 September 2010

Playing around with Windows Live Sync 2011 beta

I have been an avid user of Mesh and was so pleased with the beta that I was hesitant to switch to Windows Live Sync 2011 beta. But since the Mesh page started saying that the service is to be replaced I figured I ‘d better get my machines switched over.

For those who don’t know: Live Sync allows you to synchronize folders between devices. Aside from syncing between devices you can also sync with Skydrive. I personally use it so I can have all my files at home as well as at the office at the same time.

Below is a picture of me syncing my Dwinal Pond 4 Seasons Club files with Skydrive. (to make sure I always have a backup).


Another cool feature which I use a lot is the remote desktop. By having Live Sync installed on my machine at the office I can access that machine using an HTTP remote desktop connection. It’s all via the Live Sync service, so the machine just needs to be turned on and it’s ready to go, no complicated mappings in the firewall at the office. You may want to check with you IT guy to see how he feels about the security risks, but for me this works really well (I do make sure that my Windows Live, Facebook and Google passwords are all different!).

The picture below show just my local machine, because the machine at the office hasn’t been upgraded yet).


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