# Friday, 07 May 2010

MSDN Roadshow in Maine

Almost manage to miss it in my inbox, but I just signed up for the Maine MSDN Roadshow event! It will be held on May 11th in Augusta, ME with thanks to State of Maine (John rules!) for the accommodations and of course Microsoft for making Chris and Jim drive all the way up north :-)

The Agenda:  A Payload of Awesomeness

“Fore!” – Slicing Into What’s New in Silverlight 4

Silverlight is all about driving your applications into the fairway of user experience.  Silverlight 4 tees up many new features to help you create rich applications that will hook your customers’ interest.  You’ll see Visual Studio 2010’s improved designer, microphone and webcam support, core API and XAML improvements, new out-of-browser options, and more.  Of course, these features aren’t rough to use, and you’ll get into the swing of things in no time.

“Don’t T(h)read on Me” – Snaking Through the New Parallel Programming Options

Many developers recoil at the prospect of writing and debugging multithreaded and multicore applications.  The great news is there’s plenty to help in .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010.  We’ll sink our teeth into Task Parallel Library, PLINQ, Visual Studio 2010 debugging features, and new Framework classes that offer ways to make efficient programs and help shed those concurrency worries.

“Weaving the Next Web” – ASP.NET 4, Windows Azure, and Beyond

Visual Studio 2010 makes it easier than ever to stitch together masterful applications.   Continue to ply your existing skills with an improved Web Forms experience, or quickly spin up interactive forms-over-data sites with Dynamic Data.  And of course you can hook right into ASP.NET MVC to craft testable and extensible solutions.  It doesn’t end there though, from the fabric of the same development environment, you can swiftly shuttle your applications, Azure-aware, to the cloud.

“It’s Your Call” – Windows Phone 7, Silverlight, and XNA

Windows Phone 7 is dialed in for a holiday 2010 release and developers can answer the call today by leveraging Silverlight or XNA skills to create and extend applications or games to reach to new customers in new ways.  This demo-heavy session will give you the 411 on using Expression Blend 4 and Visual Studio 2010 with the Windows Phone 7 tools.  After seeing what’s new, you won’t want to put this opportunity on hold.

Sign up here.

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